Eliot Kid
Friends KaytooMimi
Family Isabelle KidJeremy KidSuzie Kid
Enemies Max • [[{{{enemy2}}}]]
Eye green
Hair red
Age 6
First Wedding Impossible
Last Time Out
It wasn't me, I swear!

–Eliot Kid

Eliot Kid is a primary character in Eliot Kid. He is a young boy with an imagination so real, it seems as if all reality can melt in his hands. He takes normal, everyday situations and turns them into life-threatening - or life saving - adventures. He often plays in his imagination with his two best friends: Kaytoo and Mimi.

Physical Appearance

Eliot Kid is a small boy with large head, messy auburn hair, and green eyes. He wears a green T-shirt, red shorts, socks and shoes.


His mother, Isabelle Kid, is the mayor of the city he lives in, and often chastises him for getting into trouble and causing too much mischief. His father, Jeremy Kid, is seen as too lenient by Isabelle, and often approves of Eliot and his friend's silliness. His sister, Suzie Kid, is a tween girl who won't tolerate any of Eliot's nonsense for too long. It is had, since they share a room, split boldly down the middle.

School Life

Eliot is a member the primary school of the city, and seems to only have one teacher. He is in love with an attractive young girl, Loretta, who often has her eyes on Max, his enemy. He and Max have a long history of rivalry, and often challenge each other to duels.


  • Eliot's friends seem to see everything that he sees, to the same vivid extent.